Champs : Battlegrounds is a Multiplayer Online Squad Strategy mobile game. It’s available on both tablet and smart phones (iOS + Android). I had lots of fun designing the UI for this game. It was a great opportunity to show that games don’t have to have overly convoluted user interfaces. Check it out here.

The Rules

The rules of the game are as follows. You command a squad of 6 characters. Each character has various abilities from simple walking to ultimate attacks. Each of these abilities requires different amounts of energy, which regenerates continuously per character over a short span of time. The goal of the game is to rack up a target number of kills before the opponent does.

Soul Collection

Early in development we didn’t have the visualization of souls being swept up into the kill count after a character was killed. As a result, during user-tests, people were surprised when the game ended, not realizing they had racked up the target number of kills. Once we introduced the soul collection the problem was resolved since users would relish the kill count ticking up whenever a soul was collected.

Ability HUD

Originally we wanted a circle hud to access and execute abilities (Above) because it allowed a user to easily identify which character the hud belonged to. However after numerous user tests, I settled on creating a more intuitive version which exists as a magnified representation of the character’s energy bar.

UI Overview

Additional Art